Tentative Programme

Continuing Medical Education (CME)
30.11.2017 Topic Speaker
08.00 -8.15 Inaugration of CME
Session: 1 Inaugral session: 8.20-10.00 am
Current Concepts
08.20-08.40 Intra operative monitoring – basics & pitfalls Bijesh Nair, Vellore
08.40-09.00 WHO classification 2016 – what neurosurgeons should know ? Geeta Chacko, Dhaka
09.00-09.20 DBS in movement disorders beyond PD Goyal V, New Delhi
09.20-09.50 Biomechanical Approaches to Spine Surgery Edward Benzel, USA
09.50-10.00 Discussion
10.00-10.15 Tea/ Coffee
Session: 2 Symposium on Endoscopic Neurosurgery Speaker
10.15-10.35 Endoscopy for intraventricular lesions B.S.Sharma, New Delhi
10.35-10.55 Extended Endoscopic approaches C. Deopujari, Mumbai
10.55-11.15 Endoscopic approaches to CVJ Y.R. Yadav, Jabalpur
11.15-11.30 Discussion
Session: 3 Controversies in Spine surgery – Asymptomatic spinal  Lipomas Speaker
11.35-11.50 Introduction & case presentation Muthukumar N, Madurai
11.50-11.55 Voting by delegates For Operative management B.Chidambaram, Chennai
12.10-12.25 For Non operative management N. Venkatramana,Bengaluru
12.25-12.30 Voting by Delegates
12.30-12.45 Discussion by moderator Sandip Chatterji,Kolkata
12.45-13.00 Q & A
13.00-13.45 LUNCH
Session: 4 Controversies in Cranial surgery: Surgery Approaches for  Anterior Foramen Magnum Lesions Speaker
13.45-13.55 Introduction & case presentation by Moderator Deepu Banerji, Mumbai
13.55-14.00 Voting by Delegates
14.00-14.15 Far Lateral Approach Sanjay Behari, Lucknow
14.15-14.30 Conventional posterior fossa approaches Atul Goel, Mumbai
14.30-14.35 Voting by Delegates
14.35-14.55 Discussion by moderator Deepu Banerji,Mumbai
14.55-15.00 Questions from the floor
Session: 5 Recent Advances Speaker (12 min + 3 Min)
15.00-15.15  New evidence in mechanical thrombolysis Gupta Vipul, Gurgaon
15.15-15.30 Advances in Epilepsy Surgery Milind Sankhe, Mumbai
15.30-15.45 Are minor & Major stroke treated differently? Khurana Dheeraj, Chandigarh
15.45-16.00  Fluorescent Technology in Glioma Surgery. Anita Jagetia, New Delhi
Session: 6 How Do I Do It Video Session Speaker (10 Min)
16.00-16.10 Surgery for cerebral AVMs Ravimohan Rao, Bangalore
16.10-16.20 Total Cervical Spondylectomy for Primary cervical spinal neoplasms Sajesh Menon, Kochi
16.20-16.30 Multiple Intracranial aneurysms Anil Peethambaram, Trivandrum
16.30-16.40 DREZ lesioning for Neuropathic pain G. Balamurali, Chennai
16.40-16.50 Forehead advancement for Craniosynostosis Deepak Gupta, New Delhi
16.50-17.00 Hybrid Technique of Drilling of Retroverted Odontoid from Posterior Approach Arun Srivatsava, Lucknow
17.00- Valediction of CME
Day 1 (1st December 2017)
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Sessions – 1
Eloquent area gliomas( 10+2)
Chairpersons:Ari Chacko [Vellore], Alok Ranjan [Hyderabad],Shyam Babhulkar [Nagpur]
Moderator:Manas Panigrahi[Hyderabad]
0745 – 0757 Role of DTI and functional MR in eloquent area glioma Manas Panigrahi, Hyderabad
0757– 0809 Approach to Thalamic Glioma RC Mishra, Agra
0809 – 0821 Insular Glioma Mathew Abraham, Trivandrum
0821 – 0833 Deep seated glioma Lokendra Singh, Nagpur
0833– 0845 Brain stem glioma VS Mehta, Delhi
0900 – 1115 Sessions: Award Papers
Chairpersons : Deepu Banerji [Mumbai] RC Mishra[Agra]SN Mathuriya[Jodhpur]
Award Paper – Allied Neurosciences
0009 – 0912 The role of stem cells in sciatic nerve regeneration in rats with cold preserved allografts: functional and histological outcome Bharat P Shinde
0912 – 0924 Regeneration of intervertebral disc in a mouse intervertebral disc degeneration model using mesenchymal stem cells Manish Baldia
0924 – 0936 A MRI and DTI study of Median nerve in Carpal tunnel syndrome with Clinico radiological correlation Pragyan Sarma
Award Paper – Epilepsy Award
0936 – 0948 Focal Cortical dysplasia: Seizure outcome and quality of life (QOLIE-89) after surgery Jitender Chaturvedi
0948 –1000 mTOR Pathway Activation in Focal Cortical Dysplasia Kalpana Kumari
Award Paper – Neuro Oncology Award
1000 – 1012 Diffuse midline gliomas: A clinico-pathological and molecular genetic study Kavneet Kaur
Award Paper – Neurosurgery Award
1012 – 1024 Should we stop selling fusion surgery for single level cervical disc disease? A new perspective from a randomized controlled trial in 50 patients Aditya Atal
1024 – 1036 Validation of ultrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) in patients with hydrocephalus undergoing CSF diversion – A prospective observational cohort study Susanth S
1036 – 1048 A Randomized Placebo controlled trial of Progesterone with or without hypothermia in patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury Amol Raheja
Award Paper – Cost effective management
1048 – 1100 Comparison of telemedicine with in-person care for post-operative neurosurgical follow up: results of a cost-effectiveness analysis of 1200 patients using patient-perceived utility scores Arun S
Award Paper – NSI–AASAN Award Paper
1100 – 1112 Incidence of position related upper extremity neuropraxia in 4313 consecutive patients undergoing spine surgery: Role of SSEP monitoring Gurpreet S Gandhoke
1115 – 1135 Special Lecture – I
Topic : Spinal cord injury: Clinical trials
Speaker: Shekar Kurpad, USA
Chairpersons : SS Kale [Delhi], Dhananjaya Bhat [Bangalore], Sushil Patkar [Poona]
1135 – 1155 Special Lecture – II
Topic : A global view of paediatric neurosurgery: challenges and opportunities
Speaker : Graham Feiggen , South Africa
Chairpersons: AK Banerji [Delhi]CE Deopujari [Mumbai], M Bhaskar Rao [Bangalore]
1155 – 1230 B Ramamurthy Oration
Topic : Cervical Spondylosis; Myelopathy and Deformity
Orator : Edward Benzel, USA
Introduction:Sandip Vaishya [Delhi]
Chairpersons : Atul Goel [Mumbai], Ari Chacko[Vellore] VK Jain [Delhi]
1230 – 1310 Presidential Oration
Topic :
Orator : Deepu Banerji [ Mumbai]
Introduction : Sanjay Behari[Lucknow]
Chair persons: Suresh Nair[Trivandrum], RC Mishra[Agra]
1310 – 1345 Lunch – Symposium
1345 – 1515 Post Lunch Plenary Session – Contemporary Education in Neurosurgery
Chairpersons: Deepu Banerji [Mumbai], Basant K Misra [Mumbai],V S Mehta [Delhi]
1345 – 1400 Training of residents: Ethical aspects Vijay Kak
1400– 1415 Should we encourage treatment protocols in Neurosurgery AK Singh
1415– 1430 Post-graduate program in Neurosurgery: Where are we now and what we should do next and why V Rajshekhar
1430 – 1445 Basic microscopic & endoscopic training A Suri
1445 – 1500 Education for practicing Neurosurgeon CE Deopujari
1500– 1515 Neurosurgery residency program in US W Couldwell
1515 – 1530 Tea Break
1530 – 1740 Free Paper Session – Neuro Oncology – 1A
Chairpersons:Vaishali Suri [New Delhi], Aliasgar Moiyadi[Mumbai], Geetha Chacko[Vellore]
1530 – 1545 Optimal management of GBM Amin Gretschel
1545 – 1555 Utility and pitfalls during fluorescence guided resections of gliomas using 5-aminolevulinic acid “What you see and what you don’t”- A critical analysis of a prospective cohort Aliasgar Moiyadi, Mumbai
1555 – 1605 Use of Intravenous fluorescein as a guide for resection of brain lesions – Glowing Brain Lesions Nirmala S, Bangalore
1605 – 1615 Immunohistochemical and molecular genetic study on epithelioid glioblastoma Vaishali S Suri, New Delhi
1615 – 1625 Ultrasound integrated navigation for resection of brain tumours- fusion imaging Yadhu K Lokanath, Bangalore
1625 – 1635 Role of diffusion tensor imaging tractography in insular glioma – is it helpful ? Shrut Atulkumar Doshi
1635 – 1645 Three dimensional microsurgical anatomy of brainstem. A fiber dissection cadaveric study Sukhdeep Singh Jhawar
1645 – 1655 Alterations in peripheral blood counts and indices in patients with intraaxial brain tumors Venkatesh M S, Mumbai
1655 – 1705 Pediatric Brain Tumors- A Clinico-pathological Study and Quality of Life Assessment of Caregiver Shubhi Dubey, Lucknow
1705 – 1715 Pineal region tumors: Surgical approaches, technique and results Arvind Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi
1715 – 1725 Colloid Cyst 3rd Ventricle-Trans Cortical Trans Ventricular Microsurgical Management Suresh M Dugani, Hubli
1725 – 1735 Surgical outcome of pilocytic astrocytomas in children Murali Krishna Kothala, Hyderabad
1735 – 1740 Management of Pineal Tumours : An institutional experience of 58 cases Harish Naik, Mumbai
1740– 1850 Free Paper Session – Neuro Oncology IB
Chairpersons: Suresh Dugani[Hubli], Dhaval Shukla [Bangalore], Laxmipathy [Chennai]
1740 – 1750 Extramedullary foramen magnum tumors; An experience of 50 cases Raghu Samala, New Delhi
1750 – 1800 Pre-operative meningioma embolisaion: Indications & Technique Rohan Harichandraparsed ( South Africa)
1800 – 1810 Retrospective study of outcome of patients with Tentorial Meningioma following microsurgical resection Gograj Garhwal, Trivandrum
1810 – 1820 Meningioma of the Trigone Area of Lateral Ventricle: Institutional experience of 33 cases Nishanth Sadashiva
1820 – 1830 Sphenoid wing meningiomas: outcome after microsurgical management: a clinical review of 75 cases Hemant Bhartiya, Jaipur
1830 – 1835 Retrospective study of visual outcome of microsurgical excision in planum sphenoidal meningioma Jaypalsinh Gohil, Trivandrum
1835 – 1840 Intracranial Meningiomas: Is location Linked to the Histological Type? Abdul Rashid Bhat, Srinagar
1840 – 1845 Posterior Fossa Meningiomas:An Institutional experience Laxmikant Bhople, Mumbai
1845 – 1850 Novel mutations observed in meningioma patients operated in a tertiary care hospital in South India Sudarsan Agarwal, Tirupati
1900 onwards General Body Meeting Taori Hall II
Taori Hall II
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Session:2
Vascular Session:Intracranial Aneurysms: Decision making, Pearls & Perils
Chairpersons: SN Mathuriya [Jodhpur], Daljit Singh [New Delhi], Muralidhar Pai [Mangalore], Alok Umredkar [Nagpur]
Moderator: Girish Menon
0730 – 0745 Decision making for microsurgical or endovascular treatment Paritosh Pandey, Bangalore
0745 – 0800 Computational fluid dynamics in cerebral aneurysms Jayanand Sudhir, Trivandrum
0815 – 0815 Microsurgical Management: Pearls & perils Girish Menon, Manipal
0815 – 0830 Endovasular Management: Pearls and perils Uday Limaye, Mumbai
0830- 0845 Vasospasm: Nuances LN Tripathy, Calcutta
1530– 1730 Free Paper Session – Spine IA
Chairpersons: Ranjit Moorthy [Vellore], Vikas Maheshwari[Pune], Ajith [Trivandrum]
1530– 1545
(lead paper)
Long term sustainability of functional improvement following central corpectomy for cervical spondylotic myelopathy and ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament V Rajshekhar, Vellore
1545 – 1555 Results of early versus delayed decompression for traumatic cervical spinal cord injury: a single center prospective study Biswaranjan Nayak, Bhubaneshwar
1555 – 1605 Prospective and Retrospective study of outcome of anterior cervical discectomy with fusion Ninad N Shrikhande, Nellore
1605 – 1615 Comparison of minimal dissection ACDF using peek anchoring cage versus conventional ACDF in assessment of ASD and prospective analysis of radiological outcome. A 2 year follow up study Pavan Badugu, Hyderabad
1615 – 1625 Paths from skin to spine: our journey of Approaches to Thoracic Spine Sathish Anand VS, Chennai
1625 – 1635 Computed tomographic analysis of thoracic spine for evaluation of safe length and safe trajectory for anterior and posterior screw instrumentation S Senthilkumar, Thanjavur
1635 – 1645 Validation of Zurich Claudication questionnaire scores in south Asian patients presenting with low back pain and lower limb radicular pain Ranjith K Moorthy, Vellore
1645 – 1655 Assessment of outcome and quality of life in patients with lumbar degenerative spine disease undergoing surgical treatment Bhavuk Kapoor, Jammu
1655 – 1705 Biomechanical evaluation of lumbar spine after unilateral and bilateral facetectomies in TLIF Ram Kumar Menon, Trichur
1705 – 1715 Study of complications in minimal invasive transformainal interbody fusion surgery Deepak Keshav Bhanagale, Gurgaon
1715 – 1725 Giant Spinal Schwannomas – A Relook K Sridhar, Chennai
1730– 1830 Free Paper Session – Spine IB – Cranio-Vertebral Junction
Chairpersons: Sarat Chandra [New Delhi], Satish Rudrappa[Bangalore], Krishna Kumar [Trivandrum]
1730 – 1745
(lead paper)
Anterior Plate fixation with anterior transarticular screws for Odontoid Fractures. A New Comprehensive Technique Patkar Sushil Vasant, Pune
1745 – 1755 Factors affecting outcome in craniovertebral junction pathologies following posterior fusion and screw fixation Rajesh Krishna P, Bangalore
1755 – 1805 A case series of occipito cervical fusion: an institutional experience of 3 years Venugopal Gudla, Secunderabad
1805 – 1815 Expandable Cylindrical cages with screws for stabilization in sub axial cervical spine: our experience in 52 cases Dattaprasanna B Katikar, Solapur
1815 – 1825 Sequential reduction technique in type III Hangman fracture- A Novel C3 body sparing technique Basavaraj T Badadal, Hyderabad
1825– 1830 Subaxial spine reconstruction : An Institutional experience Vikas Maheshwari , Pune
1900 onwards General Body Meeting Taori Hall II
Ramamurthi Hall III
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Session:3
CV junction
Discussants: SashankKale [New Delhi], Sajesh Menon [Cochin], Krishna Prabhu [Vellore]
Moderator: N Muthukumar [Madurai]
0730 – 0742 Surgery for fixed AAD V Jain, Delhi
0742 – 0754 New techniques in CVJ fixation Sushil Patkar, Pune
0754 – 0806 C1-2 posterior fusion techniques Jyothish, Trivandrum
0806-0818 Central dislocation Atul Goel, Mumbai
0818 – 0830 CV junction surgery in Morquio’s disease: N Muthukumar, Madurai
0830 – 0845 C1-C2 fusion: past present and future: Edwad Benzel, USA
1530 – 1645 Free Paper Session: NeuroTraumatology 1A
Chairpersons :VS Sundar [Chennai], VD Sinha [Jaipur], Rajkumar[Coimbatore]
1530 – 1545
Lead Lecture
Dural reconstruction: Issues & Challenges Gerald Grant, USA
1545 – 1555 Quantitative assessment of cranioplasty effects on cerebrovascular haemodynamics & cerebrospinal fluid hydrodynamics Manish Agrawal, Jaipur
1555 – 1605 Supraorbital rim reconstruction: use of 3D reconstruction model – a case series N Saravanan, Chennai
1605 – 1615 Optic nerve sheath diameter measurement by ultrasound as a marker for raised intracranial pressure in acute traumatic brain injury Neeraj Jha, Hyderabad
1615 – 1625 Extravasation of contrast on CT brain in intracranial hematoma following traumatic brain injury- is it a predictor for expansion of hematoma and the poor outcome? Ravi Ichalakaranji, Belgaum
1625 – 1635 Adult Brachial plexus Injuries- Is the picture gloomy? Ketan Ishwarlal Desai, Mumbai
1635 – 1640 Neurotization in brachial plexus injury – our initial experience Waykule Pravin Yashwant, Kozhikode
1640 – 1645 Delayed presenting traumatic Extradural Haematoma- whether surgery always necessary? Partha Ghosh, Kolkata
1645 – 1830 Free Paper Session: Neuro Traumatology – IB
Chairpersons :S Babhulkar [Nagpur], JKBC Parthiban [Chennai], Vikas [Bangalore]
1645 – 1655 Effect of Mannitol Irrigation on brain edema in a live rat model Anuj Arun Bhide, Mumbai
1655 – 1705 Neurotrauma due to road traffic accident – an emerging epidemic with epidemiological analysis Panchal Brijesh Amrutlal, Gandhinagar
1705 – 1715 Impact of trauma center in management of head injuries Vaibhav Sharadrao Chavan, Nagpur
1715 – 1725 Prognostic factors in severe head injury and their association with outcome Karan Marwah, Muzaffarnagar
1725 – 1735 Use of GIS in Strategic Placement of Ambulances J. Mariano Anto Bruno-Mascarenhas, Chennai
1735 – 1745 Blast Induced Neurotrauma in Indian Armed Forces: A Retrospective study Sundaravadhanan Shashivadhanan, Delhi
1745 – 1755 ICP monitoring in traumatic brain injury, an institutional experience in a tire 2 city Gowtham Kuncha, Madurai
1755 – 1805 Calvarial bone flap preservation in subcutaneous abdominal wall after decompressive craniectomy in head injury: A single institute experience Pavan Kumar, Udaipur
1805 – 1815 Outcome following Decompressive Craniectomies in refractory intracranial hypertension due to various Uday Gupta, Manipal
1815 – 1825 Head injury in children – Experience in a tertiary care centre TE Sathish Kumar, Chennai
1825– 1830 A rare case of post-traumatic posterior fossa bilateral epidural hygroma with leptomeningeal cyst Viraat Harsh, Ranchi
General Body Meeting Taori Hall II 7 PM
Baldev Singh Hall IV
1530 – 1715 Free Papers – Spine / CV Junction / Spinal tumors
Chairpersons: LN Tripathy [Kolkata], VR Roopesh Kumar [Chennai], K Sridhar [Chennai]
1530 – 1545
(lead paper)
Enbloc Spondylectomy – Is it worth the risk? KR Suresh Bapu, Chennai
1545 – 1555 Transthoracic approach for lesions involving the anterior dorsal spine. A multidisciplinary approach with good outcomes Srikant Balasubramaniam, Mumbai
1555 – 1605 Atypical clinico-radiological presentation of craniovertebral junction anomalies -An institutional case series Chandan Mohanty, Mumbai
1605 – 1615 Surgery for CVJ anomalies using customised 3d printed models: Making the operation Safe Rashim Kataria, Jaipur
1615– 1625 Retrospective study of factors affecting the outcome of acute cervical spine injury – our institute experience Sathi Satyanarayana Reddy, Vizag
1625 – 1635 Interspinous wiring for cervical spine injuries Baylis Vivek Joseph, Vellore
1635 – 1645 Anterolateral approach to the tuberculosis of thoracic spine Prakash Rathod, Bangalore
1645 – 1655 The Evaluation of Fusion following Cervical Interbody Spacer Implantation in Post Discectomy patients Ankit Sharma, Bangalore
1655 – 1705 Spinal Cordectomy: A new hope for a morbid spinal condition Subhas Kanti Konar, Bangalore
1705– 1715 Hirayama Disease: An unexampled perspective Apurva Prasad, Patna
1715 -1830 Free Papers – Skull Base Endoscopy and recent advances
Chairpersons: Sampath Somanna [Bangalore], Sameer[Nagpur], Yadav [Jabalpur]
1715 – 1730
Lead Lecture
TBA Grant (USA)
1730 – 1740 Trans-sphenoidal endoscopy for pituitary adenomas and its associated learning curve – An institutional review Ribhav Pasricha, New Delhi
1740 – 1750 Assessment of Pituitary Reserve in Post-Operative Patients with Pituitary Adenoma (Functional & Non Functional) Viralkumar M Vasani, Bangalore
1750 – 1800 Retrospective analysis of Cushing’s disease: A single centre experience Santanu Kumar Bora
1800 – 1810 Surgical management of pituitary adenoma; an institutional experience of 125 cases Sachin Parshuram Guthe, Mumbai
1810 – 1820 Role of trans-nasal endoscopic surgery for suprasellar meningiomas Salman Tehran Shaikh, Navi Mumbai
1820 – 1830 Role of intraoperative MRI in endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery with regards to efficacy and volumetric completeness of resection Sanjeev Srivastava, Gurgaon
Narasimhan Hall V
1530 – 1630 Award Poster Session
Judges: RN Bhattachrya [Kolkata], Girish Menon [Manipal], S Ghosh [Kolkata]
AP-1 Correlation between idiopathic intracranial hypertension with polycystic ovary disease : an observational study Biswaranjan Nayak
AP-2 Role of kinematic magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of cervical spondylotic myeloradiculopathy – diagnositic accuracy and surgical planning Chemate Sachin Sambhaji
AP-3 Double layer poly propylene patch (G-Patch) dural substitute as adhesion preventive material during cranioplasty Milesh Nagar
AP-4 Etiology, imaging and outcome in post traumatic cerebral infarction Prahlad ST
AP-5 Associated anomalies in cervical cystic spinal dysraphisms Anant Mehrotra
AP-6 Case series of recurrent Microvascular decompression due to abnormaly palced of Teflon Vishnu Rathwa
AP-7 Microsurgical treatment of combined supra and infratentorial meningioma: an institutional series Sumit Bansal
AP-8 Choice of operative approach in the treatment of chronic subdural hematoma-an insight Kapil Chhabra
AP-9 Primary pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma of the spinal cord: A case report CSR Sai Krishna
AP-10 Congenital dermal sinus with intramedullary abscess formation: Report of 2 cases Ambresh A
AP-11 Transcranial approach to pituitary adenomas Vaibhav Yogesh Nasre
AP-12 Complication of retained ventricular catheter masquerading as SOL S Madhan
1630 – 1830 Free Paper Session : Basic Sciences & Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Jacob Allapat[Calicut], Deepak Gupta [Delhi], Suchanda Bhattarjee [Hyderabad]
1630 – 1645
(lead paper)
Objective measures to classify head injury Uzmus Samadani
1645 – 1700
(lead paper)
Attenuation of Cognitive Deficits after Nasally Delivered Anti-MicroRNAs in Mice Modeling Alzheimer’s disease Neelima Chauhan
1700 – 1710 Study on morphometric parameters of posterior cranial fossa in chiari malformation Robin Gupta, New Delhi
1710 – 1720 Estimation of serum Interleukin-6 in gliomas and its Correlation with tumor grade and volume Mohd Tariq Ansari, New Delhi
1720 – 1730 Velho and Survashe’s procedure for hydrocephalus – a step towards shunt-free neurosurgery Pravin Tukaram Survashe, Mumbai
1730 – 1740 A study on the use of subgaleal drain in the treatment of chronic subdural haematoma Siddharth Gautam, Chennai
1740 – 1750 Utility of indocyanine green videoangiography in aneurysm surgery in assessing cerebral blood flow and postoperative outcome Gautam Dutta, New Delhi
1750 – 1800 Purely Endoscopic Pterional Extradural ( PEPE ) approach for repair of transfrontal sinus CSF Rhinorrhoea Ajit Kumar Sinha, New Delhi
1800 – 1810 The outcome of ventriculosubgaleal shunt the management of postinfectious and noninfectious hydrocephalus in preterm infants Paresh Anil Korde, Trivandrum
1810 – 1820 TBA
1820 – 1830 TBA
Day 2 (2nd December 2017)
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Session:4
Management of Koos 2 vestibular schwannoma in NF2 patient with normal hearing and deaf opposite ear
Chairpersons: Ganesh [Chennai], Narasimha Rao [Bangalore] , T Nadkarni [Mumbai], Pankaj Sarda [Nagpur]
Moderator: Suresh Nair
0730 – 0735 Presentation of a clinical vignette
Management issues in a 20 year old NF2 patient with Koos 2 vestibular schwannoma with near normal hearing on one side with contralateral side deaf having an intracanalicular schwannoma
Suresh Nair, Trivandrum
0735 – 0750 Wait and watch VP Singh, Delhi
0750 – 0805 For upfront microsurgery Couldwell, USA
0805 – 0820 For gamma knife Dwarakanath S, Bangalore
0820 – 0835 Balancing Act BK Misra, Mumbai
0835 – 0845 Discussion Suresh Nair / Chairpersons
1100 – 1115 IAN President Special Lecture– III
Speaker: Sanjeev Thomas
Topic : Epilepsy care for young women: from bench to bed side
Chairpersons: S Nair [Trivandrum], MD Nair[Trivandrum]
1115 – 1135 Special Lecture – IV
Topic: Intracranial venous injury
Speaker: Allan Taylor
Chairpersons: BK Misra[Mumbai], VK Jain[Delhi]A Jha [Delhi]
1135 – 1210 Baldev Singh Oration
Topic : “Surgery for Cavernous Sinus Lesions”
Orator : William Couldwell
Introduction : Deepu Banerji
Chairpersons :SK Gupta [Chandigarh], Ravi Mohan Rao [Bangalore], A Suri [Delhi]
1210- 1230 Presidential Lecture
Topic : Cushings Disease: Dilemma in Management
Speaker : Deepu Banerji, Mumbai
Chair persons: B Indira [Bangalore] Marie Couldwell [USA] Suresh Shankla [Mumbai]
1230 – 1300 Special Lecture– V
Annual Integrated Lecture
Topic : TBA
Speaker : Abhay Bang
Welcome IntroductionLokendra Singh [Nagpur]
Chairpersons : AK Banerji [Delhi] V Kak [Chandigarh]
1300 – 1345 Lunch
1345 – 14-40 Special Session – Video Session
Chairpersons: Sanjay Behari [Lucknow], HS Bhatoe [New Delhi], S Ghosh [Chennai]
Mathew Abraham/ BK Misra/ Rajneesh Kachhara / Allan Taylor / Ravi Mohan Rao / Suresh Bapu / Sudhir Dubey / Mazda Turel / Manas Panigrahi / Shashwat Mishra / Abhida Shah
1445 – 1615 Special Session – SNSA talks
Chair persons: VP Singh[Delhi], Rajsekhar V [Vellore],
1445 – 1500 Surgery for Cranial Dural Fistula Allan Taylor
1500 – 1515 Endovascular management of acute ischaemic stroke Rohen Harichandraparsed
1515 – 1530 Aneurysm clipping in a rural environment Patrick Lekgwara
1530 – 1545 Massive non-secreting pituitary macroadenoma John Ouma
1545 – 1600 TB Meningitis: CSF analysis with protein levels predictive of shunt failure Amin Gretschel
1600 – 1615 Stab heads and retained blades: Algorithm for management AJ Vlok
1630– 1830 Free Paper Session – Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Ramesh [Chennai], Mathew Abraham [Trivandrum], Suchanda Bhattacharya[Hyderabad]
1630 – 1640 Conversion of Theses to Peer Reviewed Publication Dhaval Shukla, Ahmedabad
1640 – 1650 Consent in Neurosurgical practice – “Indian Scenario” – the Dilemma SP Thiruppathy, Tiruchirapalli
1650 – 1700 Multi-lobar resection for extensive uni-hemispheric lesions with drug-resistant epilepsy Mathew Abraham, Cochin
1700 – 1710 The M.I.N. method OF C.S.F. dynamics study and its applications in clinical practice VG Ramesh, Chennai
1710 – 1720 Clinico-genetic correlation in Indian Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1 (SCA1) patients Achal Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi
1720 – 1730 Causes ,diagnosis and management of SIADH & DI in neurosurgical patient Marie Couldwell, USA
1730 – 1740 Endocrine management of hypothalamic tumors
In children presenting with DI & precocious puberty
Marie Couldwell, USA
1740 – 1750 Post surgical outcome of Long Term Epilepsy associated tumors (LEAT): A retrospective cohort study Pradeepanand Vaidya, Udupi
1750– 1800 Does a conservative presurgical evaluation affect seizure outcome in peri-insular hemispherotomy for paediatric hemispheric epilepsy? Ananth P Abraham, Vellore
1800 – 1810 Utility of digital fundus imaging in neurosurgical practice in the era of image advancements Anita Jagetia, New Delhi
1810 – 1820 Dual Resting State Networks in Hippocampal Sclerosis Jyotirmoy Banerjee, New Delhi
1820 – 1830 Intracranial arachnoid cysts – A case series with review of surgical options CE Deopujari, Mumbai
1830 – 1930 Practicing Neurosurgeons and Neurologists Forum
Convener : Suresh Sankhla [Mumbai]
1830 – 1845
1845 – 1900
1900 – 1915
1915 – 1930
Taori Hall II
0730 – 0847 Main Topic Sessions – 5
Minimally invasive spinal surgery
Chair persons: Anil Peethambaran [Trivandrum], Parthibhan JKBC [Coimbatore], Sumit Sinha [Delhi], Pramod Giri [Nagpur]
Moderator: Umesh Srikantha
0730 – 0742 Endoscopic discectomy for cervical disc disease YR Yadav, Jabalpur
0743 – 0755 Endoscopic discectomy for Lumbar disc prolapse Sai Sudarsan, Hyderabad
0756 – 0808 Minimally invasive surgery for thoracic disc prolapse Sudhir Dubey, Delhi
0809-0821 Minimally invasive TLIF for Gr I-II lumbar spondylolisthesis Ajith Nair, Trivandrum
0822 – 0834 Minimally invasive over the top decompression for Lumbar Canal Stenosis Jacob Eapen,Cochin
0835 – 0847 Minimally invasive direct lateral interbody (MIS-DLIF) fusion Umesh Srikantha, Bangalore
0900 – 1050 Neurosurgery Symposium II
Topic – Functional Neurosurgery
Co-ordinator: Paresh Doshi
Chair persons: Anand Balasubramanium[Hyderabad], Manmohan Singh [Delhi]
0900 – 0905 Introduction
0905 – 0935 Session 1: Sterotatic Procedures-Master class (10 min for each speaker)
Basics of stereotaxy:Vedantam Rajshkehar[Vellore]
Stereotactic biopsies:V P Singh [New Delhi]
Extended application of stereotaxy: Sandeep Vaishya
0935 – 1005 Session 2: Integrating FN in your practice (10 minutes for each speaker)
Setup in a public institute:Malla Bhaskar Rao
Setup in a private institute:Paresh Doshi
Fellowship training: Krishna Kumar
Audience participation and discussion
1015 – 1045 Session 3: Expanding horizons of FN ( 15 minutes for each speaker)
Newer developments in Neuromodulaon for pain:Milind Deogaonkar
Neuromodulaon for Psychiatric disorders surgery:Paresh Doshi
1045 – 1050 Discussion
1630 – 1830 Free Paper Session – Vascular – 1
Chairpersons: Karapurkar, Maneet Gill, AK Gupta
1630– 1645
Lead Lecture
Flow diverter treatment of ruptured dissecting aneurysm of anterior circulation – Case series of 9 cases A. P. Karapurkar, Mumbai
1645 – 1700 Simplifying Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm Clipping; Lessons learnt Shashwat Mishra, New Delhi
1700 – 1710 Anterior circulation aneurysms: a single centre experience Nemi Chand Poonia, Jaipur
1710 – 1720 Predictors for cerebral vasospasm following aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: constitutional, radiological and serum markers Navneet Singla, Chandigarh
1720 – 1730 A prospective analytical study on the value of intra operative ICG in intracranial aneurysm surgery & its comparison with postoperative DSA study Vishnu Rathwa, Coimbatore
1730 – 1740 Microneurosurgical Excision Of Cerebral Arterio Venous Malformations – A Neurosurgical “Bete Noire” Maneet Gill, Pune
1740 – 1750 Angiogram Negative Subarachnoid Haemorrhage – A Single Centre Experience Palak A Jaiswal, Wardha
1750 – 1800 Surgery for Dural AV fistulae: a series of 14 patients Paritosh Pandey, Bangalore
1800 – 1810 Initial experience with Flow Divertor embolization of anterior circulation complex cerebral aneurysms Nitin Narayanan Dange, Mumbai
1810 – 1820 Vascular anomalies in Vein of Galen Malformation an angiographic profile Arun Kumar Gupta, Bangalore
1820 – 1830 Surgery for large spontaneous ICH- the Indian context Sunil Kumar Singh, Lucknow
1830 – 1930 Young Neurosurgeons Forum
Convener :Paritosh Pandey [Bangalore]
1830 – 1842 TBA
1842 – 1854 TBA
1854 – 1906 TBA
1906 – 1918 TBA
1918 – 1930 Discussion
1930 – 2015 NSI EC – II Meeting
Ramamurthi Hall III
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Sessions – 6
Multidisciplinary Management of AVMs
Discussants:RN Bhatacharya [Kolkata], Ashis Pathak [Chandigarh], Deshpande [Nagpur]
Moderator:M Bhaskar Rao [Bangalore]
0730 – 0745 Overview on classification and treatment modalities SK Gupta, Chandigargh
0745 – 0800 Endovascular management of AVMs Karapurkar, Mumbai
0800 – 0815 Surgery for cranial AVMs Atul Goel, Mumbai
0815 – 0830 Surgery for spinal AVMs Sanjay Behari, Lucknow
0830 – 0845 Radiosurgery for AVM Rajshekhar, Vellore
0900 – 1100 Symposium III
Topic – Innovation and Indigenization
Co-ordinator: Deepu Banerji [Mumbai]
Chair persons: Krishna Reddy[Hyderabad], AK Singh [Dehradun], Ashish Suri [Delhi]
0900 – 0905 Introduction Deepu Banerji
0905 – 0915 Virat- The cheapest pocket sized ventilator in the world Deepak Aggarwal
0915 – 0923 Design and Development of an indigenous economical robotized facility for Frameless Stereotactic Neurosurgery – from Concept to Prototype Alisagar Moyiddi
0923 – 0931 Universal Working Sheath for Micro Endoscopic Assisted Surgeries of Lumbar and Lumbosacral Spine Deepak Jha
0931 – 0939 Occipitocervical fusion using “artificial arch of atlas” VK Jain
0939 – 0947 Craniovertebral junction realignment and fixation for basilar invagination” Atul Goel
0947 – 0955 Inflatable Intraventricular Balloon Device to prevent collapse of Ventricle in surgery for Intraventricular Tumour Lokendra Singh
0955 – 1003 Microendoscopic Removal of Deep-Seated Brain Tumors Using Tubular Retraction System YR Yadav
1003 – 1011 C1-2 artificial joints: freedom from fusion Pravin Salunke
1011 – 1019 Endovascular inflatable pulmonary artery induced hypotension- A novel technique for clipping giant aneurysm Roopesh Kumar
1019 – 1027 Cranio-vertebral Fixation a new Technique Sushil Patkar
1027 – 1035 Satnam Device – A new trocar for Endoscopic Discoidectomy Satnam Singh
1035 – 1043 Development of Indigenous simulation model for ETV” CE Deopujari
1043 – 1055 Endoscopic hemispherotomy P Sarat Chandra
1055 – 1100 Trans inferior mid frontal sulcal trans ventricular microsurgical removal of colloid cyst 3rd ventricle Suresh Dugani
1630 – 1835 Free Paper Session – Recent Advances
Chairpersons : Manas Panigarahi [Hyderabad], Komal Prasad [Bangalore], Manmohan Singh [New Delhi]
1630 – 1645
Lead Lecture
Early diagnosis of and management of hypopituitarism associated with traumatic brain injury Marie Couldwell
1645 – 1655 Made In India: Robots for Neurosurgery Vikas V, Bangalore
1655 – 1705 DTi based fiber tractography and its application for Glioma surgery – Implications for a young Neurosurgeon Harshal Agrawal, Chennai
1705 – 1715 Evaluation of utility of multimodality neuroimaging in surgery of eloquent brain lesions Narendra Arvind Motarwar, Mumbai
1715 – 1725 Role of Thullium laser in Neurosurgery : our experience at a tertiary care centre Manas Panigrahi, Hyderabad
1725 – 1735 A Prospective Comparative Study of Microscope-integrated Fluorescein and ICGVA in Cerebrovascular Surgery Ashish Kumar Jha, Mumbai
1735 – 1745 A prospective analysis of outcome of unilateral laminectomy and bilateral decompression(ULBD) for degeneratice lumbar spinal canal stenosis Vadkamani Tejaswi, Bangalore
1745 – 1755 Newer Surgical Adjuncts in the Management of Complex Cranio-Vertebral Junction Anomalies Komal Prasad C, Bangalore
1755– 1805 Endoscopic anterior decompression (disc preserving surgery) in cervical disc disease YR Yadav, Jabalpur
1805– 1815 Neuroendoscopy : Journey so far; Indian Perspective Daljit Singh, New Delhi
1815 – 1825 Brain Tumor Interface Dissection Technique with Surgical Blade from Laboratory to Neurosurgical Operating Room Rai Survendra Kumar Rajdeo
1825 – 1830 Radarc stereotactic apparatus: Stereotaxy demystified Murali Mohan S, Bangalore
1830 – 1930 Women in Neurosciences
Chairperson: Suchanda Bhattacharya [Hyderabad]
Baldev Singh Hall IV
0730 – 0830 MCQ Test –Krishna Kumar[Trivandrum], Dwarakanath Srinivas [Bangalore]
0900 – 1100 Symposium IV
Topic: :Management of Ischemic stroke
(includes head injury, stroke and other syndrome)
Symposium Convener:Paritosh Pandey [Bangalore]
Chairpersons :Subhash Kaul [Hyderabad], Vinay Goel [New Delhi], Dilip Panikar [Cochin]
0900 – 0905 Overview and Introduction Paritosh, Bangalore
0905 – 0925 Imaging of acute stroke and emergency management Sapna Erat Sreedharan, Trivandrum
0925 – 0945 Endovascular treatment of acute stroke Jayadevan,Trivandrum
0945 – 1005 Role of Carotid endartrectomy in the emergency setting Paritosh Pandy, Bangalore
1005 – 1025 Role of Carotid artery stenting Santosh Joseph, Chennai
1025 – 1045 Role of EC- IC bypass in the setting of COSS trial Shashwat Mishra, Delhi
1045 – 1055 Discussion
1630 – 1830 Free Paper Session – Skull Base
Chairpersons: Rajneesh Kachhara [Indore], VR Roopesh Kumar [Chennai],Hemant Bharatiya [Jaipur]
1630 – 1645
Lead Lecture
Changing Trends in the Management of Vestibular Schwannoma BK Misra, Mumbai
1645 – 1700 (Lead ecture) Extended middle fossa approach for petroclival
Suresh Nair, Trivandrum
1700 – 1710 Venous stenting as an option for transverse sinus thrombosis Rohen Harichandraparsed, Durban
1710 – 1720 Surgical results of Large / giant vestibular schwannomas Rajneesh Kachhara, Indore
1720 – 1730 Lateral semi-sitting position : A novel method of patient’s head positioning in suboccipital retrosigmoid approaches Vernon Leo Velho, Mumbai
1730 – 1740 Vascular encasement in Skull base meningiomas- Surgical strategies VR Roopesh Kumar, Chennai
1740 – 1750 Effectiveness Of Preoperative Facial Nerve Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography For Preservation Of Facial Nerve Function In Surgery For Large Vestibular Schwannomas : Interim Results of a Prospective Randomized Study Sachin Anil Borkar
1750 – 1800 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery For Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma : Our Experience Suresh Sankhla, Mumbai
1800 – 1810 Multimodality Management of Cavernous Sinus Hemangiomas Dwarakanath Srinivas, Bangalore
1810 – 1820 Morphometric analysis of Posterior fossa and its correlation with the extent of tumor resection, surgical outcome in Indian patients of Acoustic Schwannoma: A Prospective study Ajay M, Bangalore
1820– 1830 Predicting ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections : an instituional analysis Ankit Shah Sanjay Kumar
1830 – 1930 Legal Cell
Convener: Daljit Singh [Delhi]
Narasimhan Hall V
1630 – 1730 Free Papers – Allied Neurosciences
Chairpersons: Deepak Gupta[Delhi], BK Ojha [Lucknow], Daljit Singh[New Delhi]
1630 – 1640 Impact of Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring for cervical decompressive laminectomy in improving surgical safety-prospective study Bhanuchandra M N, Bangalore
1640 – 1650 Three-Dimentional (3-D) Endoscopy in Neurosurgery: Preliminary Experience Dattaraj Paramanand Sawarkar, New Delhi
1650 – 1700 A novel endoscopic minimally invasive technique of surgery for deep seated cerebral lesions – a prospective study Rahul Saha, Asansol
1700 – 1710 A prospective analysis of endoscopic evacuation of hypertensive basal ganglia bleed Avijit Kasyap, Bangalore
1710 – 1720 The dilemmas of treating cranioorbital fibrous dysplasia Anil Pande, Chennai
1720 – 1730 MRI CSF Flow Study with clinical correlation in Chari malformation Prahlad ST, Coimbatore
1730 -1830 Free Papers – Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Sidhartha Ghosh [Chennai], Dhandapani S [Chandigarh], Anita Jagetia [Delhi]
1730 – 1740 Acalvaria John Ouma, South Africa
1740 – 1750 Endonasal Endoscopic Approach for Craniopharyngiomas: Lessons Learned & Review of Literature Dhandapani S, Chandigarh
1750 – 1800 TBA Patrick Lekgwara, South Africa
1800 – 1810 Transdiscal anterior cervical cyst management AJ Vlok, South Africa
1810 – 1820 Transpedicular approach in cervical spine: A changing trend Krishna Sharma, Nepal
1820 – 1830 Jugular foramen tumours : Experience in a tertiary care center Bhavana Venkata Satya Raman, Vizag
1915 – 2000 Alumni Meet To decide
2000 onwards Gala Dinner
Day 3 (3rd December 2017)
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Sessions – 7
Skull Base Meningiomas ( 12 +3 minutes)
Discussants:Jacob Alapat [Calicut], VD Sinha [Jaipur], Sameer Paltewar [Nagpur]
Moderator: Suresh Bapu [Chennai]
0730 – 0745 Olfactory groove Meningiomas K Sridhar, Chennai
0745-0800 Tuberculum / diaphragm Meningiomas Suresh Bapu, Chennai
0800 – 0815 Clinoidal Meningiomas Rajneesh Kachhara, Indore
0815 – 0830 Petroclival Meningiomas Sidhatha Ghosh, Chennai
0830 – 0845 Foramen Magnum:Meningiomas Allan Taylor, Cape Town
0900 – 1050 Free Paper Session: History of Neurosciences
Chairpersons: MD Nair [Trivandrum], Dilip Kiyawat[Pune], Anil Pande [Chennai]
0900 – 0910 Evolution of NEUROSURGERY in Vidarbha & Central India. Glimpses since 1981 Shyam Babulkar, Nagpur
0910 – 0920 The genesis of the neurosurgical residency Anil Pande, Chennai
0920 – 0930 Guillain Barré Syndrome-A Historical Narrative Murlidharan Nair, Trivandrum
0930 – 0940 The Journey of Levodopa Sanjay Pandey, Patparganj
0940 – 0950 Lars Leksell – Pioneer of stereotactic radiosurgery Adarsh M, Chennai
0950 – 1000 Dr. K V Mathai- The man who chased individual red blood cells Sreenath K, Thrissur
1000 – 1010 Professor Wadia and Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) – 2; commemorating the pioneers and a case for resurrecting the eponym Ashok Menon, Angamaly
1010 – 1020 Neuroethics: History & Relevance Sundaravadhanan Shashivadhanan, Delhi
1020 – 1030 Recent trends in Neurology India Journal and NSI Dibbala Rao, Hyderabad
1030 – 1040 Evolution of Clinical Grading for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Dhandapani Sivashanmugam
1040 – 1050 Effects of Pranayam to rejuvenate your body including brain (A convincing hypotheses) Dilip S Kiyawat
1050 – 1205 Free Paper Session: Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: : AK Srivastava [Delhi], Ravi Mohan Rao [Bangalore], Raymond Morris[Trivandrum]
1050 – 1105 Is Triamcinolone an easy and efficient way to treat meralgia paresthetica?: A case series Vinay Goyal, New Delhi
1105 – 1115 Molecular testing of CGG expansion mutation at FMR1 gene in MR subjects Deepika Delsa Dean, Lucknow
1115 – 1125 Tumour evolution in neurofibromatosis type II and its management: Two decades follow-up Indrajit Rana, Kolkata
1125 – 1135 Unawareness of hyposmia in patient of idiopathic parkinson’s disease Charulata Sankla, Mumbai
1135 – 1145 Keyhole endoscopic surgery for ventricular tumors Awadhesh Kumar Jaiswal, Lucknow
1145 – 1155 Stiff Person Syndrome of Moersch and Woltmann- A rare disorder Snehak Kailas Karande, Pune
1155 – 1205 Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein Analysis in Tuberculous Meningitis Ameya Kamat,
1205 – 1215 Remote Cerebellar Hemorrhage following Supratentorial Surgery Ramesh S Doddamani, Delhi
1215 – 1225 Custom made syringe neuro-port for deep seated brain lesion Shameem Ahmed, Guwahati
1225 – 1235 Fourth ventricle epidermoid tumour; an instituional review Saurav Kumar, Ranchi
1235 – 1245 Experience with human dentate nucleus stimulation for spasticity using stereotactically implanted depth electrodes M Mohan Sampath Kumar, Chennai
1300 onwards Valedictory Function
1315 onwards Lunch
Taori Hall II
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Sessions – 8
Managing basilar top aneurysm in endovascular era ( 12+3)
Discussants:HSBhatoe [Delhi], Dhawal Shukla [Bangalore], Yashwant Patki [Nagpur]
Moderator:Dhawal Shukla
0730 – 0750 For microscopic surgery Ravi Mohan Rao, Bangalore
0750 – 0810 For endoscopic treatment Sampath S, Bangalore
0810 – 0830 For endovascular treatment Vipul Gupta, Delhi
0830 – 0845 Balancing all treatments Harsh Jain, Kolkata
0845 – 0850 Concluding remarks
0900 – 1100 Friendship Meeting [ NSI /SAARC/ SBNS /South African Society/CNS] 12+3
Chairpersons: Lokendra Singh, Shekar Kurpad, V Rajshekhar
0900 – 0915 Clipping aneurysm in the endovascular era Allan Taylor, South Africa
0915 – 0930 Neuroendoscopy & navigation Erastus Kiratu, South Africa
0930 – 0945 Carotid stenosis: Trials & the Truth BK Misra, India
0945 – 1000 Endoscopic trans-sphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumors Mumtaz Ali, Pakistan
1000 – 1015 Operative management of tuberculum sella meningioma William Couldwell, USA
1015 – 1030 Why spiritualism RC Mishra, India
1030 – 1045 Management of intra-operative aneurysm rupture: Incident, management and outcome Mohan R Sharma, Nepal
1045 – 1100 “Neurosurgeons, poetry and non-scientific literature” Lokendra Singh, India
1100 – 1230 Free Paper Session: Recent Advances & Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Anil Peethambaran [Trivandrum], Vernon Velho [Mumbai], Ravi Gopal Varma [Bangalore]
1100 – 1110
Lead lecture
Comparison of CT guided and Navigation assisted Hypertensive Basal Ganglionic hematoma aspiration Nischit Hegde
1110 – 1120 Endoscopic third ventriculostomy or Ventriculoperitoneal shunt ? A resolved dilemma for treatment of Post-TraumaticHydrocephalus Raghavendra Kumar Sharma, Jhansi
1120 – 1130 Dose Fractionated Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Large Volume Arteriovenous Malformation Manjul Tripathi, Chandigarh
1130 – 1140 Assessment of psychological dysfunction in frontal lobe lesion – ‘An underestimated problem’ Parvin Barde, New Delhi
1140 – 1150 Short term effects of bilateral STN DBS on psychiatric profile in Parkinson’s disease patients Maruti Babu Kesani, Hyderabad
1150 – 1200 Low-frequency vs. High-frequency STN-DBS Stimulation in patients with intractable Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s disease Banerjee AD
1200 – 1210 Study of predicting the ideal ventricular freehand pass trajectory using OSIRIX software and the role of occipital shape variations Harsh Deora
1210 – 1220 Decompressive hemicraniectomy: predictors of functional outcome in patients with ischemic stroke after surgery-A retrospective study in single institute Nithin Raj, Shimoga
Ramamurthi Hall III
0730 – 0845 Main Topic Sessions – 9
Endoscopy ( 10+2)
Chair persons: Manmohan Singh [New Delhi], Milind Sankhe [Mumbai], Nilesh Agarwal [Nagpur]
Moderator:CE Deopujari [Mumbai]
0730 – 0742 Endoscopic surgery for orbital lesions Awdesh Jaiswal, Lucknow
0743 – 0755 Endoscopic hemispherotomy Sarat Chandra, Delhi
0756 – 0808 Extended endoscopic approach for tuberculum meningiomas Suresh Shankla, Mumbai
0809 – 0821 Advances in skull base endoscopy CE Deopujari, Mumbai
0822 – 0834 Endoscopy for intraventicular pathology Satnam Chabra, Delhi
0835 – 0847 Complex Intracranial Epidermoids – Navigation-Endoscope assisted comprehensive microsurgical management S Dugani, Hubli
0900 – 1100 Free Paper Session – Spine II
Chairpersons: Baylis Vivek [Vellore], Krishnakumar[Trivandrum], M Turel[Mumbai]
0900 – 0910 Multilevel Cervical Compressive Myelopathy: Comparison of three different operative techniques Sathish Prabu, Madurai
0910 – 0920 A novel Minimally Invasive Technique for management of Lumbar canal stenosis with instability. Fusion of Wiltse technique for pedicle screw fixation and Tubular system for decompression and fusion. Experience of 30 cases from Jabalpur India Asheesh Tandon, Jabalpur
0920 – 0930 An assessment of chronology of loss of brainstem reflexes and its association with underlying etiology Manish Garg, New Delhi
0930 – 0940 Introduction of intraoperative imaging to preserve function in complex atlas-hangman fractures Pankaj Kumar Singh, New Delhi
0940 – 0950 Non-contiguous level cervical disc prolapse- clinical profile and management strategies Krishnakumar K, Trivandrum
0950 –1000 Clinical and Surgical outcomes of Sacral Chordomas – Indian context Vinay Kumar Gurumath, Vellore
1000 –1010 The surgical approach to tuberculosis of subaxial cervical spine-how aggressive we should be? Sudhanshu S Rewatkar
1010 – 1020 Circumferential correction of post-infectious thoracolumbar deformity in high-risk patients with active osteomyelitis Mazda Keki Turel, Vellore
1020 – 1025 MIS Lumbar Lateral Foraminotomy-a Good Alternative to Conventional Treatments for Radiculopathy due to Foraminal Stenosis P Murali Krishna, Bangalore
1025 – 1030 Double Trouble: Single Surgical Strike Rakesh Gupta, Indore
1030 – 1040 Intradural extramedullary spinal tumor- A case series Saurabh Sharma, Trivandrum
1040 – 1050 Establishment of a triparameter predictive scoring system for hemorrhagic transformation of Traumatic Brain Contusions. A Prospecitve study Manbachan Singh Bedi, Khammam
1050 – 1100 Radiologic and clinical outcome of cervical disc prolalpse treated by stand alone peek cage v/s titanium plate screws v/s bone graft- a comparative study M Satheesh
1100 – 1240 Free Paper Session: Vascular 2
Chairpersons: Sumit Deb [Kolkata], Ganesh K [Chennai], Maloy[Siliguri]
1100 – 1110 Surgery for arteriovenous malformations Atul Goel, Mumbai
1110 – 1120 The ‘Clip First’policy for MCA aneurysms – Surgical considerations with review of literature Maloy Chakrabarty, Siliguri
1120 – 1130 Hemangioblastomas of central nervous system with special reference to von Hippel-Lindau disease: An institutional experience Raghavendra Nayak, Vellore
1130 – 1140 Management of giant aneurysms Abhidha Harshad Shah, Mumbai
1140 – 1150 Taming the dragon: When & Why to coil or clip an aneurysm Ashis Pathak
1150 – 1200 Management of Cerebral Aneurysm: Evidence based or Evidence plus innovation and perseverance-based management Ganapati Pd Mishra, Bhopal
1200 – 1210 EC-IC Bypass in Moya Moya disease: Our experience Warade Abhijit Gajanan Rao, Mumbai
1210 – 1220 Outcome after carotid endarterectomy : our experience of 50 cases Sandeep Pandurang Inchanalkar, Kolhapur
1220 – 1230 Surgical management of cranial and spinal cavernoma :Results in 12 patients treated in a single neurosurgery unit K Ganesh, Chennai
1230 – 1240 Outcomes of management of large and giant intracranial aneurysms Jnana Balaparameswara Rao S, Bangalore
Baldev Singh Hall IV
0900 – 1100 Symposia
Topic: GBM in the setting of 2016 WHO classification ( 10+2)
Moderators: Vani Santosh [Bangalore], Dattatray Mazumdar [Mumbai], Ramesh [Chennai]
0900 – 0910 Introductory remarks Vani Santosh, Bangalore
0910– 0925 WHO classification of GBM – which molecular markers to be tested and their clinical relevance Chitra Sarkar, Delhi
0925– 0940 MRI Prediction of molecular aberrations Ajay Garg, Delhi
0940 – 0955 Role of MRI/ PET in differentiating tumor recurrence from Necrosis VP Singh, Delhi
0955 – 1010 Impact of DTI merged Neuronavigation and intraoperative MR on completeness of resection Anand Balasubramanium, Hyderabad
1010 – 1025 Re operation for GBM in the era of modern therapies. Is it worth the effort Alisagar Moiyadi, Mumbai
1025 – 1040 New directions in treatment of GBMs- recent data and ongoing recent trials Rakesh Jalali, Mumbai
1040 – 1100 Discussion
1100 – 1230 Free Paper Session – Paediatric Neuroscience
Chairpersons: N Muthukumar [Madurai], Suhas[Cochin], NK Venkatramana [Bangalore]
1100 – 1110 Complex Tethered Cord N Muthu Kumar, Madurai
1110 –1120 A study of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt and its complications in management of TBM with hydrocephalous Inamul Haque, Guwahati
1120– 1130 Clinical analysis and role of endoscopic third ventriculostomy for obstructive hydrocephalus in infants – A prospective study Raj Agarbattiwala, Ahmedabad
1130 – 1140 What determines good neurological outcome of patients of Tethered cord syndrome? Analysis of factors affecting outcome Rathod Chetan T, Kochi
1140 – 1150 Tethered Cord Syndrome: A single centre prospective and retrospective analysis Uday Kiran Katari, Hyderabad
1150 – 1200 Decoding Complex Spinal Dysraphisms Kaushik Sil, Kolkata
1200 – 1210 Role of electrophysiological monitoring in surgery for tethered cord Suhas Udayakumaran, Kochi
1210 – 1220 Study on meningocele and myelomeningocele ,microscopic surgical management and various factors influencing the development of the these conditions Kalangri Murali Krishna, Visakhapatnam
1220 – 1230 Intramedullary spinal tumor surgery: My early experience Prabin Shrestha, Nepal
Free Posters
UMP-1 Minimally Invasive Options in Management of Dorsal and Lumbar Tuberculosis Nitin Garg, Bhopal
UMP-2 Repeat angiography for angio negative SAH, is it really needed? Ujwal Yeole, Bangalore
UMP-3 Management of a Giant Distal ICA Aneurysm in a peripheral tertiary care centre Hariharasudan R, Salem
UMP-4 An undiagnosed, ruptured AVM management with unconventional ways – Unique case report Ishu Bishnoi, Hisar
UMP-5 Surgical Management of Anterior Circulation Aneurysm Basant Kumar Baishya, Guwahati
UMP-6 Effect of menopause on size and outcome after endovascular treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms Sudheer Ambekar
UMP-7 Comparative analysis of aneurysm characteristics associated with rupture in patients with multiple aneurysms Prasad P Temkar, Mumbai
UMP-8 Brainstem arteriovenous malformations: outcomes of treatment Venkatesh M S, Mumbai
UMP-9 Giant Aneurysm of Internal carotid artery – 26 years follow up – Rare case report Dibbala Rao, Hyderabad
UMP-10 Conservative Vs surgical management of Hypertensive capsule ganglionic intra cerebral hemorrhage (ICH): single centre study in a tier 2 city Sai Kiran Pattupogula, Madurai
UMP-11 Complex Intracranial Epidermoids – Navigation-Endoscope assisted comprehensive microsurgical management Suresh M Dugani, Hubli
UMP-12 Posterior distraction in the management of complex craniofacial anomalies- Critical analysis of role and technique in the protocol Suhas Udayakumaran, Kochi
UMP-13 Clinical study of intracranial brain abscess at a tertiary care hospital Jammu Kodanda Ram, Vizag
UMP-14 Epidemiology and microbiology of infections in traumatic brain injury patients Vijay M Mundhe, Trivandrum
UMP-15 Spinal dysraphism-institutional experience KaveriC, Chennai
UMP-16 Hyponatraemia In A Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit : A Review from Tertiary Care Hospital Tanmay D Bhavthankar, Aurangabad
UMP-17 A randomized controlled study of medical versus medicosurgical management for patients with hypertensive supratentorial intracranial bleed Machchhindranath Vijay Nilange, Satara
UMP-18 Deep Brain stimulation – Functional disorders of the brain – our experience D Ganesan, Coimbatore
UMP-19 Correlation of imageological findings with per-op findings in micro-vascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia Birajdar Pushkraj Baswant, Latur
UMP-20 The effectiveness of postoperative CT scans after elective neurosurgical cranial procedures Harish C, New Delhi
UMP-21 Comparative study of risk of dilutional hyponatremia (SIADH) with carbamazepine and oxcarbazepine in people with epilepsy Navneet Kumar, Kanpur
UMP-22 Neurodegenerative Diseases – A sneak peek with simultaneous PET MRI Arun Kumar Gupta, Bangalore
UMP-23 Psychiatric illness in Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures Gottipati Bindu Narmada, Guntur
UMP-24 Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy: an initial experience Somil Jaiswal, Lucknow
UMP-25 Cognitive and personality profile in elderly – a need for psychological intervention BSVirudhaginnathan, Chennai
UMP-26 A study of thyroid dysfunction in spontaneous SAH after ruptured aneurysms Jitendra Mahendra Tadghare, Nagpur
UMP-27 Influence of personality factor on memory function in elderly Amira Parveen S, Chennai
UMP-28 A Rare Presentation of Extra-Axial Medulloblastoma in the Cerebellar Hemisphere Dhruv Navinchandra Patel, Mehsana
UMP-29 Experience with intraventricular urokinase in the patients with intra-ventricular hemorrhage- an institutional study Nitin Narayanan Dange, Mumbai
UMP-30 Role of serum albumin as a prognostic factor in traumatic brain injury Puneet Kant, New Delhi
UMP-31 Role of S100B protein in head injury and its correlation with ONSD Abdul Aziz Riyaz, Guntur
UMP-32 The study on Correlation of MRI findings and per operative findings of trigeminal neuralgia and outcome Chetan PR, Hyderabad
UMP-33 Intracranial CSF diversion for obstructive hydrocephalus Patkar Sushil Vasant, Pune
UMP-34 Atypical symptoms of cervical spondylosis – Is ACDF helpful? Kanwaljeet Garg, New Delhi
UMP-35 Minimal Invasive Surgery of Spine using Tubular Retractor System – 7 years’ experience from Basic to Advanced Indications. Prashik Yashwant Waghmare, Mumbai
UMP-36 A Novel CLASS Algorithmic Scale For Patient Selection In Meningioma Surgery M Saravanan, Chennai
UMP-37 An interesting case of traumatic unilateral isolated 6th nerve injury Arul Muthukumara Swamy, Chennai
UMP-38 Clinical study of intracranial aneurysm in a resource limited medical college & hospital; our experience Mahesh Narayan Tiwari, Kolkata
UMP-39 Comparative Study of Interspinous Wiring and Lateral Mass Fixation in Conjunction with Anterior Fusion in the Treatment of Sub Axial Cervical Spine Trauma Sourabh Kumar Jain, Trivandrum
UMP-40 A traumatic penetrating brain injury by iron nail by pneumatic gun drill in a 45 year old male -A case report Panchal Brijesh Amrutlal, Gandhinagar
UMP-41 Acute hydrocephalus in a case of mumps meningoencephalitis : a rare occurrence Eshan Nerkar, Bangalore
UMP-42 A case report of Van Hipple Lindau syndrome with cerebellar hemangioblastoma and endolymphatic sac tumor Uday Kiran Katari, Hyderabad
UMP-43 Transoral CVJ Decompression- Game changer for complex CVJ anomaly Surendra Kumar Gupta, Lucknow
UMP-44 Effect of staphylococcal decolonization regime on incidence of post craniotomy aseptic meningitis Ankush Gupta, Vellore
UMP-45 Cavernous Sinus Invasion in Pituitary Adenomas: Systematic Review and Pooled Data Meta-analysis of Radiological Criteria and Comparison of Endoscopic and Microscopic Surgery Dhandapani S, Chandigarh
UMP-46 Proteus Syndrome- A rare clinical entity K Vamshi Krishna, Hyderabad
UMP-47 A Rare site of Spontaneous CSF Rhinorrhoea Shivanand Reddy K V, Hyderabad
UMP-48 Cerebrocardiopulmonary disseminated Aspergillosis- a rare case report Maruti Babu Kesani, Hyderabad
UMP-49 Unusual Clinical and imaging presentation of Chronic Subdural Haematoma- a case report Partha Ghosh, Kolkata
UMP-50 Brain stem solitary cysticercus granuloma: An unusual clinicoradiological presentation Raghavendra Nayak, Vellore
UMP-51 Uses of intra op ultrasound in spine surgery – A Case series Rathod Chetan T, Kochi
UMP-52 Primary Spinal Glioblastoma with Intracranial metastasis Chamankar Nikhil Suresh, Thane
UMP-53 A case of cerebral chromoblastomycosis presenting as cerebral tuberculoma Surya Prakash K, Vizag
UMP-54 Primary Intracranial Leiomyosarcoma presenting with massive peritumoral edema and mass effect – Case report Rajesh Kumar Meena, New Delhi
UMP-55 Clinical presentation, surgical treatment and outcomes of patients with non secretory pituitary macroadenomas Ganesh A, Chennai
UMP-56 Acute Bacterial meningitis as a presenting feature of pituitary macroadenoma Vignesh S, Chennai
UMP-57 Advance Surgical Intervention of Type III Odontoid Fractures Using Intra-operative Computed Tomography (O-arm) Assistance: A Novel Technique Sanjeev AS, New Delhi
UMP-58 Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea Associated with Cranio vertebral Junction Neurofibroma-Case report Patil Pushpraj Rajaram, Nandurbar
UMP-59 Prognostic factors predicting outcome in metastatic spine disease Akyam Lakshman Rao, Hyderabad
UMP-60 Sellar arachnoid cyst causing visual field defect: two case reports and review of literature Chandankhede Abhijit Ravindra, Bhubaneshwar
UMP-61 Rituximab- rescue therapy in Myasthenia Gravis and Long Segment Myelitis AK Roy, Bangalore
UMP-62 A rare case of tethered cord syndrome due to concomitant intraspinal epidermoid cyst and lipoma S Abinav Sivashankar, Chennai
UMP-63 Collision tumour at cerebellopontine angle in a non neurofibromatosis -2 patient: a case report Hemanth Vupputuri, Vellore
UMP-64 Cerebral Solitary Plasmacytoma : A Rare Case Report Arun Kumar, Bhubaneshwar
UMP-65 Lumboperitoneal shunt in the treatment of pseudotumour cerebri Adarsh M, Chennai
UMP-66 Acute spontaneous subdural hematoma of unknown origin – A report of an unusual case J Jayendra Palan, Kelambakkam
UMP-67 Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLIF) for lumbar spondylolisthesis- Technical nuances and our initial experience Vemula Venkata Ramesh Chandra, Tirupati
UMP-68 Comparison of efficiency of Pure Lumbar Endoscopic Fenestration and Decompression with Standard Laminectomy in Primary and Secondary Lumbar Canal Stenosis R Natarajan, Salem
UMP-69 Intramedullary spinal cord tumors : Experience in tertiary care center Vaishali P Nannaware, Coimbatore
UMP-70 Hangman’s Fracture – Analysis of merits and demerits of 3 different approaches Prasad Krishnan, Kolkata
UMP-72 Para-scapular Costotansversectomy approach to the Giant thoracic Schwannomas: Our experience Naveen MA, Mandya
UMP-73 Pure Ventral Midline Intradural Extramedullary tumors. – Management strategies Asheesh Tandon, Jabalpur
UMP-74 Spinal cord space occupying lesions : single institutional experience in 2016 M Natarajan, Paramakudi
UMP-75 A prospective study on use of intraoperative application of vancomycin powder in instrumented lumbar spinal fusion surgeries Mohana Sasank Deevi, Tirupati
UMP-76 Gossypiboma: A rare complication following lumbar disc surgery Pradipta Tripathy, Bhubaneshwar
UMP-77 Spinal hemangiopericytoma – report of two cases SSivakumar, Calicut
UMP-78 Dilemmas and approach selection in old neglected cervical facet dislocation Hitesh Kumar Gurjar, New Delhi
UMP-79 Timing of surgery in Cervical spine injuries R Selvan, Nagercoil
UMP-80 A prospective study comparing minimally invasive intradural exramedullary tumor (IDEM) excision with conventional open surgery Sreenath K, Thrissur
UMP-81 A clinicopathological study and management of solitary intracranial metastasis-an institutional study Raghavendra Sunil Kapilavayi, Chennai
UMP-82 Serum Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) can be used as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in patients of glioblastoma multiforme – An institute experience Kesavan G, Chennai
UMP-83 Surgical outcome in cystic vestibular schwannomas Paturi Kishore, Vizag
UMP-84 A study of 135 cases of intracranial meningioma – single centre study Bhaumik Chudasama, Ahmedabad
UMP-85 Glioma resection in supplementary motor area and post operative neurological deficits we expect Ratnika Joshi, Chennai
UMP-86 Surgically Managed Pituitary Lesions – A Retrospective Study Indrajit Rana, Kolkata
UMP-87 A Retrospective Analysis of Brain matastasis – from a Neurosurgical perspective Guntuboyana Geeta Sravan, Hyderabad
UMP-88 Radiological and Pathological correlation of Supratentorial tumours C Mayilan, Thanjavur
UMP-89 Cervical Dumbbell Tumours: Single Stage Combined Approach, An Overview Waseem Ahamed T P, Coimbatore
UMP-90 Atypical presentations in immunocompetent patients with primary CNS Lymphoma – Our experience of 4 cases Pankaj Singh Chauhan, Kozhikode
UMP-91 Metastatic melanoma of brain Abhishek Raj, Ahmedabad
UMP-92 Spindle cell hemangiothelioma mimicking internal carotid artery aneurysm: a rare case report Sandeep Kala, Ahmedabad
UMP-93 Case review of primary brain ewing’s sarcoma Bhushan Kharche, Ahmedabad
UMP-94 Skull depressed fracture- an experience in a state-run tertiary hospital A Dhanasekar, Chennai
UMP-95 Coagulopathy in Intracranial Injury VS Hari, Pondicherry
UMP-96 Endoscopic management of lateral and third ventricular space occupying lesions Patel Pankaj Kumar Ranchhod Bhai, Hyderabad
UMP-97 Human Tail – A Benign condition hidden out of social stigma & shame in young adult Vaibhav Sharadrao Chavan, Nagpur
UMP-98 Comparison of CT guided and Navigation assisted Hypertensive Basal Ganglionic hematoma aspiration Nishchit Hegde, Bangalore
UMP-99 Molecular Spectrum of Spinocerebellar Ataxia(SCA) in India Priyanka Vishwakarma, Lucknow
UMP-100 Smart phone based Retinal Imaging-A Practical Tool for neurosurgeons J Rajarajan, Coimbatore
UMP-101 Study of outcome predictors in intradural extramedullary spinal cord tumours after microsurgical management Hukum Singh, New Delhi
UMP-102 Cacernous Angiomas Brain- Navigation Guided Micro Surgical Removal- Review of 50 cases Shardul Wargantiwar, Chandrapur
UMP-103 Development of a cost effective biodegradable Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) training model Ramesh Teegala, Eluru
UMP-104 Intramedullary Tuberculoma of Dorsal Spinal Cord: A Case Report with Review of Literature Bhavana Venkata Satya Raman, Vizag
UMP-105 Unusual Spinal tumor: Case report with review of literature Mihir Chawda, Mumbai
UMP-106 Extradural Spinal Meningioma-A Rare Entity Rohith Reddy A, Guntur
UMP-107 Baclofen induced coma and respiratory depression in a patient with cervical spondylotic myelopathy with chronic kidney disease TP Jeyaselva Senthil Kumar, Chennai
UMP-108 Diprosopus a rare craniofacial malformation Inamul Haque, Guahati
UMP-109 Supratentorial hemangioblastoma masquerading as a low-grade glioma: An unusual clinical scenario Vinay Kumar Gurumath, Vellore
UMP-110 Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in identical twins presenting with hydrocephalus Saurav Kumar, Ranchi
UMP-111 Giant cavernous ICA aneurysm- STA-MCA bypass and endovascular trapping Amit Kapoor, New Delhi
UMP-112 Role of ICG VA in aneurysm surgery Sachin Ashokrao Giri, Mumbai
UMP-113 Bull horn head injury with retained horn in brain – A rare interesting case report Pavan Kumar, Udaipur
UMP-114 An unusual case of a posttraumatic multiple unilateral cranial nerve palsies – Poster V Rajanandhan, Tirupur
UMP-115 A traumatic penetrating brain injury by iron foreign body (bike mirror stand) in a 35 year old male – a case report Raj Agarbattiwala, Ahmedabad
UMP-116 Our Experience with new toy “O ARM” (Game Changer?) – Poster Deepak Bhangale, Gurgaon
UMP-117 Orbital Tumors – An Institutional Review Prashant Sakharam Gade, Pune
UMP-118 Surgical outcome in ten patients admitted in our Government Medical College with PICA aneurysms, over a period of five years Jijo Joseph Joseph, Trivandrum
UMP-119 Predicting ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections : an instituional analysis Shah Ankit Sanjay Kumar
UMP-120 Posterior Cervical Microdiscectomy Pratham Bysani