Message from SINN Secretary

Dear Colleagues,

I am extremely pleased to invite all my dear nursing professionals and colleagues to 38th National Annual Conference of the Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses (SINNCON 2017) to be held along with 66th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India (NSI), from 30th November to 3rd December 2017 at The Centre Point, Nagpur. Behalf of the members of SINN, I acknowledge and express my honest appreciation to NSI & the Nagpur team for their remarkable determinations with our society to bring this scientific happening.

The knowledge which empowers, the attitude which enforces and the skill which enables is mandatory to be possessed by the Neuroscience nurses to provide holistic and quality care to the patients suffering from neurological and neurosurgical disease conditions. Timely interventions and evidence based care by the neuro-nurses enhance the quality of life of not only patients, but also caregivers. Hence neuro-nurses are indebted to magnify their knowledge and skills along with the rapid progressions in science and technology. So, let us gather together to achieve this target through this scientific feast.

The conference encompasses wide range of topics and includes recent scientific, clinical and social advancements in the field of neuroscience nursing. It offers the delegates an outstanding combination of workshops, symposium, quiz, paper and posture presentations and much more.

Inviting the great minds from National and International level to share their knowledge has always been the highlight of this conference. At the same time we get a chance to interact with the experts in neurology, neuro-surgery and neuro-nursing. Meeting neuro-nurses from various parts of the country and outside the country will provide an excellent opportunity for networking, renewing old ties, making new friends and inspiring and creating new plans and evidences to serve our society better.

The enthusiasm, commitment and dedication by organizing team will spare no effort in preparations over coming months to meet your anticipations and make this conference a successful event. I hope this conference will prove to be a worthy scientific course to augment your knowledge territory. It would hopefully also provide you time to go around the world class city of Nagpur and enjoy its culture and beauty.
We will ensure that you carry rich remembrances of this event with you. We greatly appreciate your active participation and warm support. Looking forward for meeting you all in December 2017 and I wish you very memorable educational experiences at Nagpur.

Best regards,

Ms. Manju Dhandapani
Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses